WUSC Vietnam signs an MOU with Hanoi Tourism College

On August 22nd, 2017, WUSC Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hanoi Tourism College, officially welcoming another partner to the Uniterra III network in the North of Vietnam.

Formerly known as the Tourist Hotel Worker School, Hanoi Tourism College was founded on July 24, 1972 as the first national school to offer training in the tourism industry. The school is a leading educational institution specializing in hospitality training in Vietnam with more than 40 years of experience.

The College provides professional training in all areas of hospitality and tourism, from entry-level positions through to management, while also conducting research and providing advice in the area of socioeconomic development for the tourism industry. Since its foundation, Hanoi Tourism College has gained a reputation as a leader in providing training for this industry. The College continues to provide its students with solid industry knowledge, strong professional skills, foreign language skills and pride in Vietnam’s growing tourism industry.

Before the official signing of the MOU, as one of the exploring actions, two Uniterra volunteers, Genevieve Hill and Alice-Rose Mick organized a workshop on Customer Services and Sexual Harassment at the workplace. The workshop received positive feedback from the staff and students of the school and provided Uniterra with further insight into HTC’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses and how those can fit in with our programme.

With Tourism and ICT being the main focus in phase III of Uniterra in Vietnam, the MOU with a remarkable partner in Tourism like HTC marked a new step of development of Uniterra in the right direction.  WUSC Vietnam looks forward to developing the partnership and delivering sustainable change for HTC and the Uniterra programme in Vietnam.