The Art of Networking

On March 30th 2018, Hue College of Tourism successfully organised a networking event at their training hotel, Hue Villa, with support from WUSC Vietnam and the Uniterra programme. With the purpose of bringing students and local businesses closer together, 70 students and 12 representatives from the hospitality industry joined together in a busy and inspiring morning.

Christiane Côté, Uniterra Volunteer with WUSC Vietnam, conducted a one-hour session on networking. With extensive experience in organisational psychology and career management, as well as consultation, the session included varied interactive activities and information on the idea of networking and how to make the most of it.

In her presentations, Christiane demonstrated how networking is an essential part of an individual’s successful career management plan as it enables access to the hidden market, which represents roughly 80% of all available jobs. Using several practical examples, the session showed how our network is much wider than we may think, with a series of unexpected resources within our families, neighbourhood, local community, friends of friends’, etc. It was also emphasized that networking is a continued process throughout our careers and must be maintained regularly.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Binh, General Manager of Mondial, shared with students his inspiring career path, starting by working as a waiter to his current position of General Manager of one of the most prominent 4-star hotels in Hue.

The students also had a chance to discuss directly with our guest-speakers about problems related to skills trainings, their career path, and employment. Many of them were offered internship opportunities, which is a concrete example of how good networking can bring great success.