Strengthening Linkages between HTC and Businesses

Ms. Adam Diouf, a Partnership Development Advisor from Canada, has a one-year volunteer mandate with our Vietnamese partner – Hanoi Tourism College (HTC), in the framework of the Uniterra progam managed by WUSC in Vietnam, from April 15, 2018 to April 14, 2019. Since April 2018, she has met with HTC’s management team and key teaching staff along with industry partners. The objective was to explore ways to improve the partnership between HTC and the tourism partners, including universities, 4-5 star hotels, and restaurants which directly hire HTC graduates as interns and/or employees.

In August, a series of conferences had been organized at HTC between partners and the HTC department of Accounting for Tourism, department of Hotel and Restaurant Management, and department of Food Processing. The aim was to listen to feedback from the partners on students’ internship: the difficulties, the obstacles, the specific requirements and HTC’s curricula.

The leaders of HTC highly appreciated the feedback from these discussions, leading to agreements on the following to improve the relationships with partners:

  1. Student internships: HTC will improve their curriculum and internship program to make it better fit the partners’ requirements.
  2. Teachers’ update: The partners will not only engage on the career and personal development for students, but they will also send their experts to train HTC students and teachers in different disciplines. Teachers will update their knowledge & skills with practical visits to the field and the creation of a network or community of culinary experts.
  3. Business Partnership: Both sides agree to develop a business partnership in order to have an efficient network for sharing knowledge, ongoing practical training and to develop business projects for modernizing HTC’s practice rooms and equipment. This will also allow for more partners’ visibility, notoriety and corporate social responsibility. These agreements will be signed under a MOU in the future.

Adam’s contribution to this partnership is of great significance by helping to make the training program more practical and better matched the needs and realities of the partners. Whereby, it makes it easier for students to find a job after graduation and for the companies to have access to a higher quality workforce.