Presentation & Public Speaking workshop in Da Nang

On Tuesday 13th of June, Toufic Rahme, a WUSC Volunteer working with Duy Tan University’s Faculty of Tourism provided a workshop on the topic: Presentation and Public Speaking Skills. During his mandate as a communication and public relations officer, Toufic has been asked by the International Office and the English Club to provide this workshops for students enrolled in an Anglophone program at Duy Tan University. Most of these students are in a business-related program, where public speaking is an important skill to have and a key to success.

Toufic organised his workshop in a way to make the students participate actively. He interacted many times with the audience to make them practice their public speaking skills and to avoid losing their attention. One of the activities consisted for the students to briefly introduce themselves by giving their names, their major and the country that they would like to visit one day. By doing this, the volunteer found a balance between presenting and interacting with his audience.

After the presentation, it was the time for the students to shine. Three groups of students had 30 minutes to prepare a short presentation about a subject of their choice. At the end of the presentations, each group received a feedback from Toufic on the points that were discussed during the presentation.

In general, the students were very satisfied about the workshop. They thought that the interaction with the audience was a really good way to improve their public speaking skills and made the presentation more interesting and dynamic.