Interview with Ms Luong Thanh Thao from SaigonTourist

Within our Meet Our Partners series, we interviewed Ms Luong Thanh Thao, Vice Principal of Saigon Tourist Hospitality College.

After a few years working with our volunteers, can you describe our volunteers in three words?

So far we have worked with many Uniterra volunteers. Three words we could say about them are “Friendly”, “Professional” and “Enthusiastic”.

Can you tell us about one volunteer whom you are really impressed with?

We have worked with many volunteers from Uniterra but the one who leaves us a lot of positive impressions is a lovely and helpful guy, Kyle. He participated in a project in helping our school build the alumni network, in which he has a lot of professional experience. Kyle’s also is very open-minded and he adapted to the Vietnamese culture very well. He surprised everybody in the team for his understanding about the organisation. We love him for that and really appreciate what he has done.

Is there any specific outcome or output that they have created during that time?

The most significant is the project we have been working with Kyle, and some volunteers such as Amber from Humber College, which is, as mentioned above, building the alumni network. In the past, our school was unable to set up the strategic plan to work with the alumni. We recognised this was important for us to not only in terms of sales and marketing for our school but also for our students to build up the mentoring network. Kyle did a very good job and helped us build up a specific plan for the school to approach the alumni and manage the database of alumni. Besides, we, along with Uniterra has delivered lots of trainings and other projects related to students’ development.

Do you have anything else to share with the Uniterra programme?

I’m very happy with the relationship we are having with Uniterra at the moment. All the support we’ve been receiving from Uniterra has been very positive. We will try our best to develop and work on the output of the project. Besides, we also look forward to receiving more high quality volunteers that will be able to work with our school to contribute to the process of achieving our mission. At the same time, we promise we’ll also have a commitment to provide the volunteers from Uniterra with the best environment and people to work with so Uniterra will achieve your mission and values as well.

Thank you for spending your time with us.