I Have A Dream with Hanoi Tourism College

As part of her mandate as a Career Services Officer at Hanoi Tourism College (HTC), Uniterra volunteer Frédérique Filiatrault delivered the “I Have a Dream” campaign to the school’s students.

“I Have a Dream”, a renowned career orientation campaign that started in 2015, is a series of workshops to help students learn about setting career goals, the path to achieve those goals, and the soft skills and knowledge required to increase their employability.

For the first session on March 13th, a group of students from different faculties of HTC learned about the importance of setting goals for their future and tips on how to achieve their dreams. This was followed by the second session focusing on communication and problem solving skills as well as success stories from alumni of the school.

With the last session on March 29th, Frédérique and HTC organised a networking breakfast, in which they invited two representatives from Hanoi Intercontinental Hotel. During this session, students were given the opportunity to talk and gain some further insights into the hospitality and tourism industry, the actual requirements for each position, and the challenges they have to overcome to achieve their dreams. With one of the two guest speakers being an HTC alumni, the pathway to such a career seemed to be much clearer and achievable to the students.

“I was able to talk to guest speakers and ask many questions about career and jobs, which is really useful for us as we are just about to start this journey.”Quynh, a student attended the workshop.

Aside from having more inspiration and tips on how to achieve their career goals, the students were able start building a professional network and enjoy a few treats while doing so!