Digital Marketing

Ms. Stephanie Lapointe, a Marketing and Communication Advisor from Canada, has a one-year volunteer mandate (January 13, 2018 – January 12, 2019) with our Vietnamese partner, FPT University, within the framework of the Uniterra program managed by WUSC in Vietnam. Along with her key partner, FPT University, she has also supported projects for other Vietnamese partners such as Bac Thang Long, Tourism Advisory Board (TAB), and KOTO.
On November 14, she delivered a one-day training workshop for marketing and recruitment specialists of FPT Education on an in-depth look at marketing in a digital world. For this workshop, she shared her experiences with and knowledge of new data-driven strategies to enhance their current marketing plans. The training content covered a few different themes to inspire teams to be more strategic and creative with their digital campaigns. Topics included digital marketing trends, the fundamentals of building a digital marketing strategy, data driven strategies, social media management and data-driven creative. For the final part of the workshop, attendees worked in groups to develop their own creative pitch for a digital storytelling campaign targeted at prospective students.

With the knowledge and experiences shared during the workshop, Stephanie is hoping that these marketing professionals will be inspired to infuse more strategy and creativity in their digital marketing campaigns to reach prospective students in Vietnam.