List of current volunteers in Vietnam

Uniterra long-term volunteer = UL
Uniterra intern = UI
Students without border = SWB
Leave for Change = L4C


No. Programme Position Local partners Period Volunteers
1 UL Private Sector Partnership Facilitator VACC 15/5/2017-15/5/2018 Linh Tran
2 UL Soft Skills and Career Development Advisor HUETC 18/09/2017-17/09/2018 Christiane Cote
3 UL Food and Beverage Operations Management Advisor STHC 03/06/2018-02/06/2019 Harold Mainguy
4 UL Program Support Officer SRD 17/06/2018-18/04/2019 Olivia Dymek
5 UL Marketing and Comminucation Advisor FPT 13/01/2018-12/01/2019 Stephanie Lapointe
6 UL Restaurant Management Training Advisor HSS 10/03/2018-09/03/2019 Quyen Dam
7 UL Partnership Development Advisor HTC 13/04/2018-12/04/2019 Adam Diouf
8 UL Teaching Methodology Advisor HUETC 11/08/2018-10/08/2019 Anastacia Richea
9 SWB Communications Officer CSDS 03/09/2018-26/04/2019 Allison Wilson
10 SWB Research and Knowledge Management Officer MCD 03/09/2018-26/04/2019 Clare Williamson
11 SWB Business and Marketing Officer Discovery Indochina 03/09/2018-26/04/2019 Kooper Waite
12 SWB Program Support Officer Live&Learn 03/09/2018-26/04/2019 Mabel Truong
13 SWB Program Support Officer MCD 03/09/2018-03/08/2019 Sylwia Pucek